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Growing up isn’t easy, no matter where you’re from. The years between childhood and adulthood are the most formative years of your life: your friendships evolve, your body changes, your hopes and dreams are formed as your understanding of the world grows.

At 28, I have been incredibly lucky. I grew up in a country where I had access to primary and secondary education. I was able to play sports and pursue the career path I wanted. I’ve had access to reproductive health care and can choose to start a family when I decide. And my gay and lesbian friends are winning their fight for marriage across this country.

But 1.8 billion young people across our world aren’t so lucky. Around the world, too many young people face obstacles that make this transition to adulthood that much harder: gender equality, access to education, and health services.

Next year, global leaders will come together to agree on plans for the next 15 years of our world. These plans will set us on a path toward solving some of the greatest challenges of our time. Challenges that no matter where you’re from, you can relate to.

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Be sure to check out the first Still of Dianna as Sarah Barton in Bare. She is pictured together with Paz de la Huerta. Click on the picture below to see a bigger version.

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Dianna is currently filming Bare and the amazing Nadia found a picture by Natalia Leite, where you can see some of the storyline. If you want to read some spoilers, click on the Read More below.

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Edit: I’ve added over 300 HD Screencaps to the gallery!