Dianna through the years
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Here can you see how Dianna changed in the past years. She looks and looked all over the time just amazing!

about 1989
About 1989: Dianna with about 3 years, having brown, curly hair. In the Background – a big rabbit. Dianna began dancing.

2004: Dianna finished school and had brown straight hair, almost no make up – natural beauty.

2007: In this year Dianna made her first apperance in a TV Series called “It’s A Mall World“, her hair has blonde highlights now, a little bit make up and she wore simply, but gorgeous dresses.

2009: As Quinn Fabray in the Hit Show “Glee” she became a bright shining star. Her hair is for the role blonde now and she wears Designer dresses.

2010: Dianna has curly, long, blone hair, gets all the designer dresses which she want because her fame got bigger by starring in Burlesque, a hit movie. In this year she even got a Breakthrough Of The Year Award.

2011: Dianna played the smart girl Sarah Hart in the movie I Am Number Four, which was a big sucess. After filming IANF, she cut her hair in May for Glee, she wears it curly and straight.

2012: Dianna is letting her hair grow for a new big role in a movie – on July 13, a Friday the 13th (a day she always has luck), some good news reached us: Dianna’s gonna play in a big movie called “Malavita” (based on the book Badfellas) playing Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer’s daughter. She also wore her hair curly and straight, but she used to wear it straight on a lot of events.