A to Z
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  • Alice in Wonderland – Her favorite farytale
  • Books – She loves to read Books
  • Charlie – Dianna’s male alter ego
  • Dressing Up – One of the things she likes to do
  • Elephants – Her favorite animals besides Octupus
  • Fansites – In the web are hundreds of Fansites about her
  • GleeHer first big Job
  • Haircut – Dianna cut her long hair in May 2011
  • Instagram – Dianna has a private and secret Instagram, it has been hacked a few times
  • Jewish – Dianna is Jewish
  • Kevin McHale – One of Dianna’s friends
  • Lakers – Dianna’s favorite Basketball team
  • Mary – Her mother’s name
  • Nahrwals – She loves them
  • OctupusHer favorite animals
  • Punk’d – Dianna was punk’d by Hayden Pannetier early 2012
  • Quinn – The charakter she plays in ‘Glee’
  • Relationships – Dianna was rumored to be in a lot of relationships by the press in early 2012
  • Style – Dianna has a great Style
  • Tumblr – Her Tumblr Account was felldowntherabbithole.tumblr.com
  • Updo – Dianna likes to wear Updoes (an Updo: x)
  • Veronica Mars – Dianna played in the TV Series
  • Wheelchair – In Glee she played Quinn being in a Wheelchair for 4 episodes after having a car crash
  • XFactor – She appered in the american X Factor and sang Don’t Stop Beliving with the Glee Cast
  • You, Me & CharlieHer blog
  • Zombie – In an episode in the second Season of Glee she dressed as a Zombie

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