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Dianna is currently filming Bare and the amazing Nadia found a picture by Natalia Leite, where you can see some of the storyline. If you want to read some spoilers, click on the Read More below.

Some of the spoilers below were found by Nadia and some of them I found on the picture myself.

*= I’m not quite sure if that is what’s written on the post-its, could be some other name/word/sentence.

  • Sarah (Dianna) gets fired from U-Mart
  • Sarah meets Pepper (Paz de la Huerta) in the shop
  • Haden (Chris Zylka) and Sarah have sex
  • Pepper takes Sarah to the Blue Room
  • Someone* pressures Sarah for money.
  • Sarah and Pepper sleep at the shop togehter.
  • Pepper writes Sarah to visit her.*
  • There’s gossip about Sarah
  • Sarah sees Lucy at the U-Mart*
  • Sarah and Pepper fight

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