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[SITE] Happy 30th Birthday, Dianna!


Dear Dianna,

We wish you all the best for your 30th birthday. May you have an outstanding day with your family and friends, hopefully with lots of good food. Thank you for inspiring thousands of people for over 6 years. Thank you for everything you do.

Your Fans

Note: We’ve added some photos of Dianna and her fiancé Winston out in SoHo, New York on her last day in her twenties yesterday. Be sure to check them out!

[SITE] 5 Years of Miss Dianna Agron

5 years of Miss Dianna Agron

I am so proud to say that today marks the five year anniversary of Miss Dianna Agron! It has been a wonderful five years and I do hope it will be some more. I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support throughout the years, for the friendships that have been made and also the joy that has been given to me by all of you.

I have lots of plans for the near future, including new themes for the main site and the photogallery. Speaking of the photogallery, is going to hit 3 Million views soon, which is unbelieveable! Thank you for choosing us as your source and as always, if there’s something you need in our gallery – hit me up on @MissAgronORG on twitter and I’ll try to help you out.

[SITE] New Domain and Host

After a few weeks of hiatus after our old host closed it’s doors, we’re finally back! Miss-Agron.ORG is now the way to access our site. The gallery domain, however, is still the same – I would like to thank Flaunt Network for welcoming us and transferring our site and the big, big gallery. There will be a new layout on Miss Dianna Agron soon, be sure to check our site for that.

I’ve uploaded the sets of Candids that were missing since August 10. Event pictures will be up soon aswell.

[SITE] Vacation

Hello guys! I will be on a excursion with my class from tomorrow, Sunday, until Thursday. Then I am going to be home for two days and leave for Nice with some of my friends until July 18th. During the time that I am not at home, I most likely won’t be able to update the site and gallery. As soon as I come back (July 9th and then 18th) , the gallery will be updated with all the pictures of Dianna during that time.

[SITE] Happy Birthday Dianna!


Happy Birthday Dianna! We hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for inspiring us for all those years.

Dianna Agron Birthday Project | Twitter Trends Schedule

[SITE] Update on the Site

Hello everyone,
So, Miss Dianna Agron is finally back! The site had to be deleted because of the hack and I had to start over. Luckily, I had a backup of the gallery so no views and pictures (kind of) are lost – I just have to reupload 60,000 pictures to our gallery. Candids and Apperances from January – May 2014 are already up in our gallery. Due to the 1GB space limit on our server I cannot upload all pictures at once, because all pictures togehter have 10GB. Currently the gallery is called MISS-AGRON.COM/GALLERY and not anymore, I will turn the domain on asap. Also I do not have a backup of the main site, so I will work on all the pages in the next few weeks. Again, I want to emphasize the Donate button in our sidebar. If you want to donate to us so we can buy accounts to get new pictures, please do so.

Also, I wanted to thank you all for your support. All of your tweets have been cheering me up when I was down because of the problems on the site. You guys rock! ♥

I hope you all are having a great summer so far!