[SITE] 5 Years of Miss Dianna Agron

5 years of Miss Dianna Agron

I am so proud to say that today marks the five year anniversary of Miss Dianna Agron! It has been a wonderful five years and I do hope it will be some more. I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support throughout the years, for the friendships that have been made and also the joy that has been given to me by all of you.

I have lots of plans for the near future, including new themes for the main site and the photogallery. Speaking of the photogallery, DiannaPictures.org is going to hit 3 Million views soon, which is unbelieveable! Thank you for choosing us as your source and as always, if there’s something you need in our gallery – hit me up on @MissAgronORG on twitter and I’ll try to help you out.